Footballers’ Unusual Hobbies

Footballers' hobbies

It’s always great to know that you have something in common with some of your favorite footballers. Take an example of Cristiano Ronaldo who is an avid player of bingo. He confessed in an interview dated 2016 that he not only thoroughly enjoyed the game but he also used it to learn English. Be sure to visit for more information if you wish to learn more about the game as well as some of the best cassava bingo sites. You will also discover how to stay safe while playing the game.

Hal Robson Kanu, a West Brom striker, has a love for blockchain which he says has changed the world of transactions for good. He especially loves that he needs not engage a third party to send or receive money. He has an office in London where he works on this after training.

Joe Allen, who once played at Liverpool, revealed that he and his wife have an interest in rearing chickens when he appeared on the cover of Chicken & Egg. David Beckham enjoys fencing in his free time, a hobby in which his friends take part in too. These unusual hobbies go to show that footballers are pretty fascinating people both on and off the field.

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