Sergio Busquets Signs a 5-Year Contract with Barca

Sergio Busquets signs with Barcelona

It is now official that Sergio Busquets has an agreement with Barcelona that will see him prolong his stay at the club till 2023. The deal took place after lengthy negotiations between his representatives and Barcelona. Part of the changes in the contract extension included an increase in his release clause from two hundred million Euros to five hundred million Euros.

Busquets, who is a La Masia graduate, stands as the first player to renew his contract this season. This negotiation is not only an opportunity for the player to showcase his skills but it also points to Eric Abidal’s ability to hold on to valuable players on the team. Eric has also shown determination in signing new players, and this was his first contract negotiation, in which he excelled.

Sergio is currently on the first-team where he plays the defensive midfielder position. Many are of the opinion that he will hold on to this position for a couple of years. Seeing as he is set to retire at the age of 35, it is not clear whether he will remain on the first team for the entirety of his contract. However, fans are hopeful that his performance will improve as previous games have not been all that satisfactory.

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